Four common misconceptions surrounding cloud accounting. 

With the amount of hype and optimism surrounding the cloud accounting industry (and quite rightly), it could seem to many in the profession that there are very limited concerns about making the jump from traditional based to cloud based practices. There are cloud accounting myths that do exist which we believe here at Perfecto Accounts need addressing. In fairness however, this is to be expected as this is effectively a big shake up in the entire industry, so it’s only natural that there would be an element of skepticism attached.

At Perfecto Accounts we’ve decided to cite what we believe are four common misconceptions that you may well have experienced:

The Cloud is still in its infancy

Many will have disputed and questioned the over emphasis of the operating within the cloud, but it’s perfectly clear now that the cloud is no longer in its infancy as a platform. With an ever increasing proportion of users in the industry, ‘heading for the cloud’, it’s important for individuals within to observe its impact on the industry, as it must be remembered, that the cloud makes it easier to find the accountant that’s perfect for you.

Data isn’t secure in the Cloud

There will always be concerns regarding stored data, and it’s true that this certainly shows appropriate consideration for the wellbeing of the data, from those concerned. However, it has to be reiterated universally that storing data this way is one of the most secure, as the data is continually backed up (as opposed to using the hard drive).

It’s too time consuming to transfer onto the Cloud

It’s inescapable the amount of time that’s required changing internal systems and process to move across onto the new platform. It’s ideal to also invest time in researching the direct comparisons between working paper based and on the cloud. Often the most difficult part of the process is deciding to make the change. From there Perfecto Accounts can guarantee that the transition will be a smooth one.

Clients may not be satisfied with the move

We would certainly note that the main point here is that there should always be a transparent relationship, especially when the process of transitioning onto the cloud is occurring. Doubtful clients need to be put at ease and reiterated about the earlier mentioned ease of transition. They should be provided with a clear vision.


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