What do we know about an accounting system in a nutshell?

Well it’s a collection of processes, procedures and controls designed to log, classify and ultimately summarize financial date for management and also interpretation of decision making. But what do we know about a computerized accounting system? Well what we do know is that the use of such a system brings with some key advantages that are simply unavailable to traditional based users.

Allow us at Perfecto to run you through what we believe are the definitive and key advantages:


This is pretty much undisputed, online cloud accountancy packages are designed to increase accuracy rates and be entirely accurate to the absolute minuscule of detail. A user may inevitably take this factor for granted after a period of using a system, but the time saved will place this into perspective. There’s not always enough time in the day, but there should be a bit more by using a system! The reliability is also enhanced too, due to the increased accuracy.

Access of data

Being able to have different users access to data remotely and on the go is a great concept, but an even better one is having all the data secure. Decisions and processes and be implemented quicker, and the overall management of data becomes easier.


From a traditional accounting perspective; as your company grows, in theory the complexity of the accounting procedures grows too. On the flip side; with computerized/cloud based accounting, all these processes are kept straight forward and simplified. Because let’s be honest, flicking through data is a whole lot easier than flicking through physical papers!


These two factors are surely one of the most important when evaluating a set-up or deciding a new solution. Can you save money and time? Looking specifically at Perfecto Accounts, this is certainly the case and the main reason being is that the Perfecto software was built by individuals who know this philosophy all too well. A good cloud based accounting solution will run so efficiently and effectively, that resource and time can be shifted towards what really matters; growing your business!


The option to display information data is available online; this can be used in different formats and expressed with however is best suited. With easier to follow information, less time is spent processing or interpreting information and subsequently it can be transferred to different users and read easier.

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